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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

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Today has a been a slow day for me. I took a few calls and played a few games on the pc. I haven't been doing too much since school let out. I did some shopping over the weekend. I went to my favorite mall and bought some sexy outfits to wear for the 4th of July and a cute pair of heels to match. Enough with all of that I've been so horny today. My first caller came so fast before I could even get into it. I still had fun making him cum. My second caller lasted about 45 minutes. He loved hearing me play with my pussy and squeezing my big brown nipples. He described how he wanted to bend me over in his King size bed and fuck me until my black ass was sore. I loved it.I get off with guys turn me into a submissive cock loving whore. A dirty black cum slut. My last caller didn't last long but it was worth it. I love cumming hard and moaning loud with my callers. Nothing like laying in my bed, spreading my brown sexy legs and rubbing my pussy for random horny men. I fucking love it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

School is almost out!

Tomorrow is my last day of school for this year. No summer school. I can't wait to have fun and go out. I've been stuck at home this whole semester and now I can go out and party and have some fun. My first trip is to Vegas baby. I'm going to Vegas next weekend for a turn around trip. I'm not a gambler, but I just love the whole Vegas Vibe. The scenery at night is so cool. Vegas has the best food, clubs, and hotels. Well that's it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I won't be on the phone Monday

Sorry guys. I won't be on the phone Monday. I have a final exam in my political science class. Don't worry I will be back online Monday evening. So keep me in mind and remember I'm always willing to fulfill your kinky fantasies.

Tuesday I will be available for most of the day and night. So you can call me anytime on Tuesday and we can have some fun. Anything goes!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to all

May all of my readers have a safe happy Memorial.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Janet Jackson tattoed on her lovers body so sexy

Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson have been together for quite some time. In fact, since 2002 and hasn't seem to have faded whatsoever.

Dupri is making his love for Janet official ... and permanent, with the addition of a tattoo of the pop star on his rib cage

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random thoughts

I need a vacation. Or maybe just a weekend to myself. This past weekend I went grocery shopping, had my puppy groomed, and took calls on niteflirt. I'm usually at home taking calls getting off with my horny callers or studying, or on the pc goofing around. I haven't been out to any clubs or bars in a long time. And my uptight roommate is so stuck up so I don't really hang out with her or her uptight friends. I feel isolated sometimes. I don't really tell a lot of people that I do phone sex because they usually become judgemental and ask a bunch of silly questions. Questions like why not just get a job on campus. I don't want to work in the college cafeteria or work as a assistant in the library. LOL. I worked in the bookstore for a year and I hated it. I worked in a shoe store and in a bakery. I worked in a topless club for 6 months and I hated dealing with the perverted owner. So I started working the phones just for fun then I started dispatching then I had a friend tell me about niteflirt. So that's how I got started. Anyways, I told a friend last night that I take calls on niteflirt and she told me that I was crazy. She told me that doing phonesex was disgusting and that the guys that call shouldn't waist their time calling a bunch of young girls that should be studying. Yet, this whinny bitch lives with her parents and have no car and is living off financial aid. I tell ya about some people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Life sucks without a computer

I'm so upset because my computer is in the shop and I hate using the lab on my campus. My uptight roomie doesn't like to share her laptop. I asked her if I could use her laptop to check messages and to access my online class, and the prick told me that I had 10 minutes. I swear she needs a good fuck or something. She's always so uptight about something. I'm usually in a good fun mode even when times are tough but my roomie is the opposite. She naggs and complain about silly stuff. Sometimes I feel like I'm living with a husband instead of a female roommate.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lil' Kim nearly had a big wardrobe malfunction

LOS ANGELES — Lil' Kim nearly had a big wardrobe malfunction on "Dancing With the Stars."

This week's front-runner on the ABC dance competition had some trouble with her top at the end of a jive with partner Derek Hough on Monday night. Host Tom Bergeron provided cover while the rapper adjusted as she and Hough approached the judges table.

Lil' Kim told KABC-TV after the show: "I don't know why this happens a lot of the time, but ... the girls were tryin' to come out."

The nearly X-rated moment was edited out by the time the show was rebroadcast on the West Coast, but it didn't seem to bother the judges: Lil' Kim and Hough posted a night's best 28 out of a possible 30 for their spirited dance.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your first time with a black chick

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boring Week

It's so boring around here this week. Most students are out of town for Spring Break. I didn't want to go and waste money flying to Miami like I did last year. It's so damn dull and quiet around campus and in my complex. No students hanging out, not even the freshmen. Times like this I miss being home in Arizona. Arizona is a lot different from California. I miss being with old friends, family, and old neighbors. As much as I love being on my own in California I get homesick at times. If I was in Arizona I would probably be at the mall, swimming, or at Palazdel cafe. It's an Internet cafe where everyone hangs out about 10 minutes away from my old home. Or I'd be hanging out with some guys or something. There's so much to do in California like drive around Hollywood, go to the Beach, or go to the top of the city at night. But I've done all of that already. I guess that's why I started doing phone sex so that I could have some variety in my life and since I'm a habitual compulsive masturbater it all makes sense.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First day of Spring Break

This is my first day of Spring Break and the weather is perfect to be outdoors. But I've been indoors mostly taking calls and chatting with callers. Most of my friends are traveling and partying. I'm inside doing other things. I didn't wanna waste money going back to Arizona so I'm staying right here and enjoying my Spring Break on the phone having phone sex with my callers. I still like to go out and have a few drinks but I have to cut back and make more time for other things like class and studying. Plus I'm having so much fun on niteflirt with my callers and trying to build a website and do some other things. My room mate is leaving tomorrow so I'll be here alone all week. I'm so glad the little annoying nerd is leaving. LOL, she calls me names also. Well I hope you guys enjoy Spring break as well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The truth about me

A few callers have asked me questions like "What will you do after college" or "Do you plan on doing phone sex for the rest of your life" or "am I really a college girl"? Yes I am a student. I have classes online and two regular traditional college courses where I do have to attend class. And yes I do live on campus. Well not really in the middle of the school but my school has lots of property right around campus so that I can walk right across the driveway, through a large sea of grass and I'm on campus. I live in a small apartment with a room mate. Very small, just enough room for two gals. We have a small living room, a huge walk in closet, 2 large bedrooms and a small kitchen and a patio area. There are over 30 students in my complex. All girls, but guys do hang out in the lobby area and the rec area sometimes. We have a small computer lab on the first floor and a small coffee shop where a lot of girls hang out and study between class or after classes. That's basically how it works. And to answer the question about why am I doing phone sex or will I do phone sex after I graduate. Of course I will do phone sex. I love what I do. I get pleasure out of talking to faceless men. I ofter wonder what do my faceless callers look like from the facial features to their height, cock size, and their smell. It's such a rush to listen to a person open up and share every intimate detail of their life and help them explore their sexual fantasy. (2 be continued)

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everybody. The weekend is here. I really don't have much to do this weekend because the weather is so

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No calls Wednesday Morning!

Tomorrow morning I won't be taking any calls because I have to go to the library and study for a history test. I'm determined to get an A. I know if I stay in my dorm I won't get any studying done. I'll either log in to niteflirt and start waiting for calls, or I'll go to youtube and watch videos, or I'll start watching some on-line porn. Well my test is on The Social History of Europe. I'm not really excited about learning about history. I'm more into reading and psychology. My lease favorite subjects are History and math. I was never good in math. I've always got by knowing the basics, but when it comes to anything past Algebra, my head goes blank. I'm more into English essays and psychology and science. Sometimes I think I should have went to school for medical. I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger or a dentist. But I had a change of heart when I started going to the doctor for shots. I hate needles. So that's why I didn't pursue my dream of going into the medical field. I'm studying Political Science. That's my major. I first got into Political Science when I took a course as a freshmen. I stayed glued to the book because I was so fascinated learning about human culture, politics, and poverty all over the world. I learned about women's rights in other countries and the things I read about almost made my heart pop out. I took this class online and got an A. Well anyways, enough of me babling and babling I'm gonna cut this short and go take a shower then start studying. Kiss!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spank me some more. Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!

I love getting my round ass spanked. I love to be spanked with belts, whips, or bare hands. Something about a sting to my ass makes me moist. I can't get enough. I'm so submissive, and getting my bottom spanked over and over turns me on so much. I do naughty things so I can have a reason to be spanked. I like to get my ass spanked while I'm bent over getting a stiff dick in my ass. Sometimes I like to lay flat in the bed and get a loud whipping. I love to hear the smacking noise when my round ass is hit over and over. I'm so naughty.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Men letting their wives fuck other men

This evening I had a call with some older guy. It was his first time calling for phone sex. So I asked him what turns him on and what type of women did he like. He told me that he liked all types of women as long as they had nice breast and a shaved pussy. So we went on and on and he began talking about his wife. He told me that his wife is a whore that fucks other men at her job. WTF I wondered. I couldn't believe this guy was okay with his wife sleeping with other men. Then my jaw almost hit the ground when he told me that he even watches as his wife has sex with his best friend. I couldn't believe it. I asked him why did he let his wife have sex with other men. I figured this guy had some kind of low self-esteem problem or a mental problem. Then he told me that he get turned on watching his wife get fucked by other men in his home. He said he usually watch and masturbate while his wife is bent over getting cock in her ass. I guess I'm still young cause I didn't know too much about cuckolding. I see it in a lot of listings on niteflirt, but I never knew people really lived that type of life. We spoke for another 10 minutes and he said he would call me back later. I'm still in shock. If he would have told me that he and his wife had sex with another woman, I would have understood. But this is so different to me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting ready 4 a test. I can't always be naughty

Her's a Pic of me laying in my bed!! Hope you all enjoy my sexy legs.

Tomorrow I have a test in my psychology class. I hope I do well. I've been studying for hours and hours. I've been studying mental health problems in America. I've been reading through the chapters over and over and high lighting words to look up in the dictionary and I've been reading online for research. This is one of my online classes, but all of my test are taken on Fridays early in the morning. So I won't be available to take calls. Sorry to all of you guys, I won't be able to check my messages. I will be available all weekend. Yesssss! I'm crossing my fingers that all of my studying will pay off or maybe I can flirt with my professor for some extra points.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's up naughty guys out there. This is my sexy naughty blog. I hope you guys on niteflirt will cum and read my blog from time to time. I will be updating with new pics and lots of info on me. I'm a college girl and I also phone fuck on niteflirt. So if you want to call me, hit the call button and get ready 4 the hottest call you've ever had. I'm very naughty, I love to role play and be your submissive little whore. When I'm not on the phone, I'm usually in my dorm playing with my snatch or studying or just surfing the net. I usually go out on the weekends with my college friends or by myself to pick up guys. This is my third year of college so I'm having lots of fun now drinking and having all the sex I want. I go to school 2 days a week and I have 3 online classes which makes it easier for me to take calls. So if your up for some 1 on 1 hot phone sex, give me a call.