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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slave Dave begging for more BBC

I just had a session last night with Slave Dave and he's still hungry and thirsty for cock. Last night Slave Dave hung out in the projects right next to the trap house and got gangbanged by 10 different thugs. His ass should be sore by now, but he's still on his knees begging for more BBC. He got banged by three trannies, a blind bum, a 18 year rapper and a group of guys from the trap house. He wore one of his most famous slut outfits. The black stockings with a white spandex mini skirt, a bra to show off his big fake tits and a pair of patent leather thigh high boots that zip on the side. He got layed out on a dirty mattress and screwed over and over by random guys while a web cam was recording the whole session. Slave Dave smiled in the camera with a BBC in his mouth and cum leaking down his chin. He sucked off a handicap man on crutches while everybody laughed and took pictures. Slave Dave will be back soon to serve the hood. He's so nasty. Gotta love Dave he's an inspiration to all the BBC lovers.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Sexy Saturday

Hello guys. It's Saturday and I'm gonna have to step out for a few hours to get some things for the night. I think it's time for me to buy some new sex toys from one of my favorite shops. I also need to get some drinks so I can get tipsy tonight. I love to get kinky after I smoke and drink. It keeps my pussy even more wet while I massage my clit. So I will be stepping out in a few hours but I will be back on this evening. So don't worry, your phone slut will be back to help you bust those cum loads. I'll be doing another all nighter. I'm such a freaky night owl. I like to lay in my bed, watch some porn, have a drink and wait for my kinky callers to call me so I can masturbate to different voices. I love the fetish calls and the guys that call in the middle of the night while their wife is asleep. This make me feel so slutty to know my caller is in the bathroom jerking off for me while his wife is sleep in the next room. Don't forget to keep reading the blog for more updates. I will be giving out some free minutes to more of my regular callers. Consider yourself a regular if I send some free minutes. Okay guys, that's it I'll be back on tonight. So catch me while I'm available. *Kissessssss*

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Naughty Tyra is your perfect phone slut

Today is Thursday and I'm hot and horny. I stayed up most of the night playing with my callers. You all know who you are. I'll be doing another all nighter and I will be available this weekend. You all know I'm always horny and I just can't get enough sex. I love to talk to you perverted men with dirty imaginations that keep my pussy tingling. I got a few new callers that told me I was the most kinkiest phone slut they ever had. I know this is true. I can make a man shot his load in just a few minutes with my sexy voice and my wild dirty talk. Call me and let's play out some kinky fantasies. I know some of you are married and bored and fed up with your wife
. I'll be your slutty girl on the side that listens to all of your dirty thoughts and sexual desires.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Slave Dave aka Cum Dump

Another call from Cum Dump Slave Dave,and he's at it again. Slave Dave like to suck off bums, transsexuals, blind men, even old men at the old folks home. Dave is a cheap sleazy slut. He's not out to make a profit,he's out to be degraded and used like a dirty slut. He will get down on his knees anywhere and suck anybody's balls. He likes to worship black men and black slutty women. He even likes to suck off drag queens and nasty slutty women that have recently been fucked. Dave likes to visit vacant houses and get gang banged fucked by guys fresh out of jail. Slave Dave likes to be video taped to show the world what type of cum dump whore he is. He's a loyal slut. He will do whatever I tell him to, from letting random guys put balls in his mouth to sucking off a group of trannies for a dollar. Dave likes to get dressed in big fake tits and walk around the slums in a sheer body suit looking like a skank. He's proud to show off his big false tits in public. He's always ready to drink cum and get his ass filled with jizz. He never complains. He always ask for more cock. He will suck off the whole bar if I tell him too. He will eat the jizz out of a trannies ass and lick his lips clean. He's such a good little nasty freak whore.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sissy boy SlaveDave

Slave Dave is a regular caller. He's gotta be one of my favorites because he's a slut sissy boy with no limits that will do anything. I like to dress him up in short mini skirts, stockings, slut heels, false eyelashes and blonde wigs and take him out to the hoe track to suck cock. He's very cheap and will do anything I tell him to do, this includes eating cream pie's out of a transsexual's ass or sucking off a blind guy in a wheel chair. He will suck off thugs for a quarter. That's how much of a slut whore he is. I like to video tape him sucking black cock in the back of buildings or eating a prostitutes nasty cum dumped pussy. Dave is such a filthy whore he will suck off old dirty perverted men out in public. Slave Dave loves to be degraded and treated like a nasty cum dump because that's what he is and that's how much of a slut he is. I will continue to dress him in lingerie and take him to local clubs, back alleys and video tape him sucking off strangers. Slave Dave can't get enough of cock-sucking, it's what he does best. He likes to be used and abused and laughed at while strangers take pictures. He even has the word slut wrote on his fake long nails and a tattooed tramp stamp on his ass or forehead. He's such a low life slut.