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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another hot call with a favorite

Just had another call with one of my favorite callers that like to spank me and pull my hair then put me on my knees and make me suck his huge white cock. I get so turned on and wet when I'm on my knees looking up at him sucking him off. I love to hear him pant and moan loud through the phone while I'm rubbing my clit. Can't wait to chat with him again. We had to cut the call short because his wife was coming up the stairs yelling "Honey are you okay". I guess I made him cum harder than she ever could. I luv phone sex!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cuckolding with NaughtyTyra

I just had an early morning call with one of my best cuckolding callers. Jim is a white guy married to a promiscuous slut. He knew she was a slut when he met her at the bar 3 years ago getting drunk with a bunch a black bulls. Now their married and she's still sucking off guys in his house. Now Jim thinks his wife is pregnant. I didn't know what else to tell him besides he married the cock sucking whore so now he has to deal with it. Now his secret is out and everyone is going to know he's a loser cuckie with a cheating whore as his wife. He doesn't know for sure but the truth is gonna come out one way or the other. I told Jim to get ready if this is true. He's gonna have to explain why his wife is pregnant and he can't even produce with his weak semen. Oh well.......