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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time to update It's been a while

I'm back here for all my kinky readers and horny callers. I'm back in school so I can't be on the phone 24 hours per day. But I'll be on late afternoons and late nights so catch me when I'm available and I will give you a kinky time. I haven't heard from Slave Dave in a about a week I'm sure he's somewhere being a cheap whore stuffing cock in his mouth. That's all he's good for anyway, coming to the hood and sucking off all of the trannies and bums.LOL!! Talk to ya soon Slave Dave sissy boy. I have a new slave calling me named Slave Carter. He's a real weak sissy that likes to be forced to suck cock and sniff worn panties. He's married but that's nothin new most of these guys are undercover faggs anyway. I'm not even a doome but weak guys love to bow down to a beautiful black princess. I'll be available most of the weekend. I do have a pool party to attend this Saturday afternoon, but I won't be there long. I'd rather do some calls instead of eating and laying out in the sun with a bunch of strangers, but I did promise my friend that I would attend. Also I'm gonna be putting a twitter up soon, so look out for that.