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Monday, August 24, 2015

Not affected by Bad Feedback

This week I got some bad feedback by two losers that shall remain nameless. One loser demanded that I get up and read his msg's in the middle of the night. I don't live online and I dont keep my laptop or phone in the bed with me 24 hours a day. Some guys expect for me to jump out of bed in the middle of the late night and meet their demands. I'm not that girl that will jump when someone snaps their finger. So this loser referred to me as a deadbeat all because I didn't jump out of bed in the middle of the night and check msg's that he sent. He only used one minute so it's not like he lost a shit load of money. It's usually the cheap guys that demand so damn much. The big spenders never have complaints. They can afford to call another girl. I'm still getting calls so his feed back apparently hasn't stopped anything.

The second loser left bad feedback after a one minute call. I guess it didn't cross his mind that his phone was a piece of shit or that the call was dropped. I would have sent free minutes for the dropped call but he took it upon himself to leave feedback. The call lasted one minute so I guess he's pissed that he lost one minute and a little over a dollar. Fuck losers!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are porn magazines outdated?

Growing up I used to come across Porn magazines in convient stores or in videos stores. I was young but I would sneak into the adult section of video stores and roam through porn magazines. I never hear about them anymore. I remember going into my best friends bathroom and finding smut magazines under the sink. Late night at slumber parties me and my friends would read articles in porn magazines that had lots of sex pictures and sleazy sexy articles. I loved Black Tail and another one that gave ratings on the latest porn magazines. Seems like magazines are outdated like buying a adult DVD's at the video stores. That was not very long ago.

Cheating husband discovers Niteflirt

I just had a long call with an old timer that use to call me when I first started on niteflirt back in 2008/2009. He had been cheating on his wife for 7 years. Im not just talking about an affair with one woman, but several. He had been cheating with his secretary, personal assistant, girls at the gym, and a tenant that lives in his rental property. He was a frequent visitor at strip clubs all over the country while traveling. After screwing everything walking, lying to his wife for years and hiding hotel receipts he decided to stop and focus on his marriage and what was more important. He discovered niteflirt and now he is a regular and doesn't have to sneak out of town or lie about working late. He was not a bad guy, just bored in his marriage and wanted an escape from reality. His escape had been sex for years with multiple women. Sometimes paying for and wasting a lot of money. Now he doesn't have to leave his job or lie to his wife that he is working late or say he's in Arizona when he's really in Las Vegas partying with strippers and escorts. Now he just log into niteflirt talk to the girl of his choice whenever he wants to escape. He has his pick of a variety of girls from 18 to older GILFs. Every fetish girls of every nationality and background. No need to travel out of town when he can pick up the phone have phonesex and masturbate until he's satisfied. No need to check into a hotel and meet a random women or go to a strip club and risk be sited by someone.
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Winding down with Phonesex and Red Wine

It's Sunday and I know most of you guys have to go to work tomorrow and start the week off. Sunday is the best day to bust a good load before the stress of Monday comes back around. I usually have a lot of tenants to meet on Monday so I usually start my Monday off pretty early. I always like to get a few good orgasms before my Sunday is over. I've been online on niteflirt on and off this weekend. I had to do some shopping, a lunch date and a few hours at the gym to stay tight and sexy. Now it's just me, my laptop, my phone and some red wine.

I'm not a heavy drinker but I love how red wine makes me feel relaxed and sexy after a few glasses. I've already had a few phone sex calls with some of my devoted callers like Dirty Charlie, Hardon Mark, and cuckie boy Chuck. A few of my dirty perverted habitual jack off boys that always entertain me with their pervertness. I like to lay in be with a short night gown on and finger myself or play with something out of my dildo collection. I'm such a dildo whore. I like to use them on myself and sometimes my callers

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