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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Red Bottom Phone Sex

I gotta get these heels. I have so many foot and shoe worshippers that would love to see me play with me pussy in these red bottom heels. They are so damn expensive, but hey you only live once.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cuckold Husband calling for Phone Sex

My friend Jack who is in a cuckolding marriage is now sharing his wife with another one of his neighbors. While he's calling me, his wife is out cock sucking their black neighbor. His wife is right next door getting gangbanged by his black bull neighbor and his roommate. She's getting two cocks shoved in her little pink cunt while her dear faithful husband is calling me and jerking his little cock. My friend Jack told me that these guys are really aggressive and came to his front door and asked for his wife. Of course Jack is a weak cuckie he practically handed his wife to these black bulls to fuck her in every position and give as much oral as she can give. Instead of screwing his wife, he's calling me to tell me about his wife's sex life next door. Jack is so grateful for phone sex, which gives him a way to express himself and talk about his kinky marriage with his cheating slut wife.

Blow Job Phone Sex

Sucking Cock is the best while done on my knees. My last caller wanted me to get on my knees and suck his cock and balls with red lipstick on. Of Course I was willing to do it. Yes! I love sucking and licking cock and getting my throat fucked with a hard stiff cock. I can't get enough cock in my mouth. Licking and sucking and tasting that yummy pre-cum on my tongue. Licking balls round and round while I jerk off a hard cock with my hand. My pussy starts throbbing and getting wet and juicy while I take that hard cock in my mouth and swallow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cuckold Phonesex with a Pregnant wife

Another phone sex call with a Cuckold loser. My caller Tommy is a 56 year old married dentist with a 38 year old wife. Tommy just recently told me that his wife is pregnant. The problem is, Tommy cant have children. His slut wife has been dating a 20 year old black bull with a 11 inch cock that has been fucking her without a rubber. His wife is gonna have to explain to her family, friends and co-workers why her baby is biracial. His wife is thinking about aborting the baby or having it and giving it to a black friend. This is what happens when you have a horny sluty wife that is addicted to big black cock. They get careless and want to fuck without protection. My caller Tommy is turned on by the situation because his little tiny cock cant make a baby with his wife. Tommy sent me video footage of his wife sucking off her black 20 year old bull and getting a creamy cum facial. What a fucking whore. She took half of that 11 inch rock hard dick in her mouth and sucked it while looking into the camera. Her husband must be so proud to know he married a professional cocksucker.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Late at Night

Just finished a kinky Fetish call with one of my regulars that has a serious foot fetish and loves to suck and lick my beautiful feet. He love for me to rub my feet all over his big long white cock and tickle his balls with my toes. This guy has been calling me for a few years and he always has another kinky foot fetish request. My good friend Dan love to stroke his rock hard cock while I tell him how I wanna rub my feet on his cock and let him put his cock between my big toe and my second toe. He loves to lick warm caramel off my feet while he stroke his cock what a freak.

Monday, April 13, 2015

I need more sex toys

Me and a friend went out this past saturday for a little while looking for sex toys, like vibraters and dildos. I'm not all that big on sex toys, but my friend has boxes full of everything from double dildos to but plugs. I've never cared for but plugs I've never used them anyway. LOL. I do like to fill my hole with a dildo when I'm talking pillow talk with callers. I like to push my dildo in my tight little cunt until I cum all over myself. I'm thinking about buying a pink one that's about 10 inches with a huge head on it to rub against my clit when I pull it out of my cunt hole. I love to try kinky things. I might even invite my friend over to play with me since she's bisexual and always ready to fuck.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Fetish Weekend

I will be availabe most of the weekend to play with my sweet pussy and get you off. Don't worry I will make sure your wife doesnt find out about your perverted kinky side. I know how addicted you are to phone sex so I'm making myself available as much as possible. So pick up the phone and grab your hard cock and call. I have this hot wet pussy waiting. I've said it several times that I'm a horny compulsive orgasm seeker. My pussy get so wet when my phone rings and I hear the voice of a horny sex addict ready to cum with me. I live for this shit.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boring day Now I'm Horny

Today has been a boring dull day. I sat in the dentist office for 2 hours just for a check up and a cleaning, then I had to go the the DMV which took another 3 hours. The traffic on the freeway was horrific due to a traffic jam. No one was hurt but the freeway was clogged up for an hour. Now Im home and I'm frustrated and horny. I need to have a few orgasms to calm down and get relaxed. It's still early in the day. I'm gonna watch some porn and take some Phone sex calls as soon as I take a shower put on some lotion and and get in the bed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time to get sexy for the summer

For the past two weeks I've been working out like crazy getting bikini ready for the summer. I love my thick thighs but I'm toning them up for the hot weather. If you call me for kinky dirty phone sex and I sound like I'm out of breath, it's probably because I just hopped off the treadmill or the aerobics bike. I've been working with a trainer and he's so damn good and he has a hot fucking body. I'm talking Brad Pitt mixed with some Justin Timberlake with a body like the rapper 50 Cent. I wanna fuck him so bad, but he acts so professional. Plus he's married, but that does'nt mean anything I'm sure he could use some young black pussy every now and then. Well anyway I just wanted to give everyone an update on what I've been doing lately. Im still being a phone slut. I'll be online tonight and most of the weekend playing with my sweet cunt and moaning for all my horny callers. I cant get enough of playing with my cunt and rubbing my hard nipples.