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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I am a phone sex girl not an escort

I will not apologize for not being an escort. I will not be pressured to meet men. What I do is online and online only. I have had a few callers try to put pressure on me to meet them in hotels or other locations. Niteflirt is a phone sex/ web cam site. It is not a dating site or a meet and greet site. I don't understand why some of you cannot differentiate the two. I don't charge niteflirt callers for sex and I don't allow men to fly to my city and hook up with me Never, that is too dangerous and risky. There are adult entertainers that do private bookings and meet men and that is their business. I don't knock what the next woman is doing, but I will not be screamed at or spammed by guys that wanna meet outside of niteflirt. That is not my thing. So please find a girl on backpage or on a dating site that is looking for something extra.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kinky sissy boy cuckold for his slut wife

Another call completed with a worthless cuckold pig named Frankie that has a slut for a wife. His wife has been out for a week straight on a sex binge fucking all the black guys at her job. She's the vice president of marketing for a fortune 500 company but likes to have sex with the black security guards, janitors, and the black guys that work in the mail room. Although she is a high class women with high standards she usually throws her standards out of the door when it comes to getting a big black cock in her slut pussy. Two of the security guards took her to a sleazy cheap hotel and fucked her gangbang style and took pictures of her to send to her husband. The next day she fucked the mailroom clerk and sucked him off in the basement. He married a horny nympho slut, and he really expects her to behave herself around black studs with big huge cocks? She should be coming up with marketing idea for the company she works for, but instead she is sucking off guys in the underground parking structure. Frankie's wife sent pictures of her licking big black balls and cum all over her face. He sent her a text to come home, but she declined and continued on her sex binge. When she finally came home, she demanded that he wash her clothes that smelled like sex and eat her lose cum filled pussy. Frankie was so embarrassed while he got on his knees and licked another group of guy's cum out of his wife. Frankie told me how her pussy was loose and smelled like sweaty sex. I told him that he married a slut with a high sex drive and either he should divorce her or be a good faithful husband and let his wife indulge.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

all ready for weekend niteflirt phonesex

I've been getting tons of messages and request from my horny niteflirt phonesex callers that want more stories in my blogs. I didn't realize that I had a faithful readers that have been reading my blog entries since I started blogging on #BestoftheFlirts and on my own blog. I have so many other things going like school part time, managing apartments and traveling back and forth to Cali. This is exactly why I need a relaxing weekend with no traveling, no company, no interruptions. Just me and my phone and my kinky callers that love to stroke their rock hard cocks and listen to me play with my sweet black cunt. I will be available most of the weekend to help you shot your yummy creamy load right in my mouth. I'm always hungry for a yummy sweet cum load. I'll play with my honey hole, clit and asshole while you tell me your deepest hottest secrets.
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