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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Masturbating Between Calls

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I've been pretty busy lately doing some many random things like painting my room, helping my room mate pick out a new car and shopping like crazy at the mall. Today I felt the need to lay around in bed and do nothing at all. I mean nothing but lay in bed and play with my pussy. I usually like to cum with my callers, therefore I would usually wait until I get a call to rub my sweet creamy pussy. Today was totally different. I had to cum a few times since my callers seem to all be MIA. It's okay, I know some of my callers have to spend some weekend time with their wives/gf. I really don't care as long as it doesn't come between my phonesex time with my devoted callers. I ended up in bed watching porn and rubbing my nipples and playing with my hot pussy. Can you blame me?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DMV flirts need to call me on Niteflirt

So I'm just getting home from taking care of some business at the DIV. I didn't go there dressed sleazy or provocative but so many guys were flirting with me and asking me for my phone number. First it was a guy in the line, then another one, then another one, then a lesbian stud that looked like a guy with bit tits. Then one of the security guards started flirting with me and asked if he could take me out for dinner and drinks. I politely declined and continued waiting. Like seriously?I had on jeans and a Lakers T shirt with nikes on. I wasn't dressed up I didn't even have make-up on. They were acting like the Department of Motor-vehicles is a place to pick up girls. It's the fucking DMV not a sports Bar. Next, one of the staff guys started flirting and asked if I would put his number in my phone. So I told him no and I gave him my niteflirt number and ext. If he wanna talk to me he can pay by the minutes. I'm so sick of men that like to waste time and bullshit around. They are all looking for sex and just trying to get laid. You will not waste my time so call 1800-to-Flirt ext. 03368686. He rolled his eyes then looked up niteflirt in his phone, then came running behind me asking is Niteflirt an escort service. I told him to call the number and my ext. to find out. LMAO

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sissy boy phone sex with Financial Domination

My last caller was a wimpy sissy boy with a fetish for sending large tributes to beautiful young black women. This pathetic worthless loser has been single for 2 years and hasn't had sex in over 9 months and when he did get laid he had to pay for it. What a worthless piece of a man. I laughed at him the whole time until he sent me a large tribute then called back for me to raise the rate and charge him more money. This is the definition of a sorry dumb loser with a credit card. He sits at home and watches interracial porn fantasizing about fucking black women and worshiping BBC. He also likes to dress up in stockings and play with his worthless little cock and make phone sex calls like a stupid sex addict with an unlimited credit card. What real man sits in women's under garments and play with themselves? My callers. Not all of them, some of my callers like fuck and suck quickies, some like to talk about life, politics, ect. Others like to to talk about everything from cheating on their wives to their secret fantasy of cross dressing. Gotta love my sissy boys that like to tribute. They are my favorite.
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day After Fight Night

It's Sunday and I'm still a bit tipsy after drinking and partying with some of my friends during fight night. You all know the fight of the century which turned out to be very mediocre to me. Just a bunch of hitting and hugging and blocking punches. I ended up getting bored and continued to drink cosmos and light up some herbal trees for a Saturday night buzz. Me and my ex room mate danced all night a two clubs and a fight party. Talk about not wanting to go home. I haven't had a wild night out in a while so I decided to turn up for all the weekends I've stayed home. Lots of drinking and smoking and partying last night. I'm gonna call it an early night and retire in a few hours because I'm still a bit buzzed from staying up all night and only getting 3 hours of sleep today. Plus I have to get up early for some personal shit. #Kisses

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day Phone Sex with Tyra

It's the first day of the month and it's a Friday which is great for me. I just might go hang out tonight for a few hours and have a few drinks with my friends then come in and rub my pussy with some of my horny phone sex callers. I had a new caller today that called a phone sex service for the first time and told me that he's been single for 3 years and divorced because of his small penis problem. Typical shit I get from my sex callers. Guys that are bi curious, suffering from tiny cock syndrome or lonely because their wife is out fucking and sucking a BBC. I love the Fetishes my callers have, they cant get enough and I cant as well. Or my caller last night that like to dress in drag and walk around adult book stores and get pulled in the back by black bulls. What a fucking cum whore. So give me a call if you wanna hear more and I'll be willing to share.