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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing with my old roommate

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Earlier the evening I got a visit from my ex room mate. She's bisexual and very talented with her tongue. She came over to visit and we just went at it. 2 hours of licking. She's really good at what she does and she doesn't like to stop once she has me cumming. She likes to start out licking my pussy while I'm bent over on all fours. Then she lays me on my back and put my legs in the air and lick circles around my clit until I'm ready to explode. That was the best part of having her as a room mate. She was always willing to lick my pussy until I passed out. Now she's with a new boyfriend and she's really bored with him. She asked me to do a threesome with them sometime this weekend. I don't know, he's not really my type but according to her, he has a big 10 inch dick and he can fuck all night. So it's something to think about.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The weekend is almost here

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I know you've had a hard stressful week. Call me and let's talk about it or we can skip the bullshit and get down to no limit phonesex. Call and tell me how to play with my pussy.
ext: 03368686

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cuckolding With Tobby

I just got off the phone with Tobby. We continued are conversation about his wife sucking off the black bull in front of their house. This really got Tobby upset because his wife was in plain view of the neighbors and cars passing by. Tobby explained to her that he is an active member in their community and he helps the homeless and passes out gifts and turkeys to people around the holidays. He is a very respected man in their neighborhood and people look up to Tobby. Tobby was very embarrassed and confused as to why his slut wife would suck cock right in front of the house.He asked her why she didn't just go to the black bull's house, she replied that his girlfriend was home and he was desperate for a blowjob and she does it the best. Tobby loves to hear stories about his wife sucking off guys but it made him uneasy when he caught his wife. He told her the next time to just bring the guy in the house and he will hide in the closet. She told him that the black bull didn't want to be disrespectful by coming inside the house and that's why he chose to get the blow job in the car. Now I'm confused, but this is Tobby's story. A guy doesn't want to be disrespectful but he's getting his cock sucked right in front of your suburban home. This really tickled me.

Friday, April 13, 2012

More about Tobby

ext: 03368686

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I just had a call with my friend Tobby. I wrote about him in my last post with his permission of course. Tobby told me that he was very angry with his wife for sucking off a guy right in front of the house. He has her best wishes with the cuckolding and screwing other guys, however he doesn't want her displaying their lifestyle in front of the neighbors. This is totally understandable because they live in a upscale community and Tobby is very active in the church and he volunteers in their community so to have his wife sucking cock was very unfair to Tobby right in front of the house where people could see. She didn't even hide. She could have gotten in the back seat or went somewhere else. So Tobby told her next time to take the young black bull to a hotel. She claim she didn't have money for the hotel because she gave the black bull her last hundred bucks to pay his cell phone bill and to put some gas in his car and to get his weekly haircut. This opened up a can of worms for Tobby. We didn't go into everything but Tobby will call back tonight or 2morrow when his slut wife is out fucking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cuckolding with a regular caller

I just got off the phone with one of my kinky older callers. I'll call him Tobby. Tobby is white and lives with his younger wife Karen who happens to be 15 years younger than Tobby. They live a cuckolding lifestyle but it's not as intense as some of my callers. He gives his wife money to go out and she fucks guys at parties and bars, then comes home to Tobby. They are both happy like this and it's their marriage so I don't judge. I actually like talking to Tobby. He tells me about all of his wife's sexual fetishes and me and Tobby always make time to masturbate together while talking about his wife. So I'm on the phone talking to Tobby and he's sitting on his balcony upstairs. We are talking like old buddies nothing sexual or explicit just a little flirting. He tells me that a black Mercedes pulls up in front of his house and parks right at the curb. I thought it was no big deal since it's still early in the evening. We continue talking and joking around until I hear Tobby whisper "Holy Shit". His wife was in the car on the passenger side sucking off some young black guy. Tobby went back in his house, went down stairs and looked through the front window to get a better view. In plain view, his blonde head slut wife is bobbing her head up and down sucking off some young college black bull. The black bull was texting on his phone as Tobby's wife was sucking him off. Tobby explained every movement as I listen on my end of the phone. Then he said his wife got out of the car pulled her skirt down and wiped her mouth with a napkin and proceeded to walk towards the front door. Tobby had to get off the phone with me. He insisted he would call me back after he talks to his wife. He doesn't care about his wife slutting around, but he doesn't want her doing it in front of neighbors.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Black Cuckie

It's early in the morning but I had to post about this call. A new caller, a black guy with a small 5 inch cock called and told me about his white slut wife coming in every other night smelling like sex. He said she comes in drunk from work looking like she's been fucking. Hair out of place, lipstick smeared, and her panties are off. I asked him if he was going to leave her or at least confront her about cheating. Like a loser, he told me that he has no other choice but to deal with it and accept the fact that his cock is too small and she deserves better. I had no other advice to give him, besides he knows what's best for his wife. He can't please her with his 5 inches so she goes out and get fucked by different guys. He told me how he goes through her phone and finds pics of other guys cocks. Huge big cocks. He told me that one day he masturbated while looking at the pics. I laughed and imagined him in the bathroom holding his wife's phone looking at a cock she probably sucked. More power to him. If this makes him happy I'm happy to hear about it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Post

I just logged back in to nf I had to step out and buy some clothes for the weekend. I will be out for a little bit on Saturday night. Don't worry I will log in early in the morning when I get back from the club.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Phone Sex Kinky roleplaying

I just had a role playing call with one of my kinky callers. He wanted me to play his girlfriend’s roommate. I seduce him one night while she’s working the late shift. I know all his dirty kinky secrets and I know just how to seduce him and get next to his big white cock. He comes in and ask for her and I tell him she’s working the late shift. Of course I’m dress like a slut in my black see through teddy with a g string showing off my sexy thick ass. He watches me the whole time and I pretend that I don’t notice his stiff cock. I sit him on the couch and offer to watch a porn DVD with him just to break the ice. I get up and bend over while putting the DVD in and let him get a good shot of my sexy black ass and hips. I know he like to have his cock sucked and ass licked. His girlfriend told me everything, but she’s too stuck up and conservative to do it. So I’m gonna help her out. I sit back next to him and reach over and rub his hard stiff cock until he lets out a soft moan. He pushes my hand away and stand up and pretend he’s ready to leave. I put my hand back on his cock and his cock lets me know that he’s ready to fuck some sweet black pussy. I get down on my knees like a good whore and unbuckle his grey slacks and burry my face in his lap. I know his girlfriend wouldn’t be home anytime soon so I had all night to suck on his big juicy cock. I put half of it in and sucked down over and over until I tasted some pre-cum. It got me so excited that I started deep throating his cock and rubbing my hands down his ass. I let my fingers find their way to his glory hole and rubbed around his asshole. This is something his gf told me he liked but she hated doing. So I lifted his balls up and began licking in has asshole while jerking off his cock. He moaned and panted while I licked around his ass in circles. I went back up and found his cock still standing at attention. I took it back in my mouth and continued sucking while I rubbed a handful of his balls. He told me he didn’t want to get caught by his girlfriend and that what I was doing was wrong, but I continued to suck until he was satisfied. I got up pulled by g-string down and got on top of him and let my tits bounce in his face. He started rubbing and squeezing them while I bounced on his cock with my thick black ass. We continued at it for another hour. Fucking, sucking, anal, and everything in between. I hope I don’t get busted by my dear friend for fucking her boyfriend. LMAO!!!!

Kinky roleplaying

I just had a kinky role playing call with one of my naughty callers. He wanted me to be his girlfriend's slutty roommate and seduce him. I opened the door for him wearing my black see through teddy with a black g-string underneath. I already got all of the kinky secrets about him from his conservative gf whom happens to be my roommate. She's working late and I get to work on her boyfriend for the night. I'm tipsy after drinking three glasses of wine. He comes in and I sit on the couch with him and flirt, then offer to watch a porn with him. I bend over while fixing the DVD player and let him get a glimpse of my sexy black ass. He gets hard and I notice his 9 inch prick sticking up through his grey slacks. I ask to touch it and it's hard and standing at attention ready to be tampered with. I get down on my knees and unbuckle his slacks and look at his long white cock. I bury my face between his legs and suck down half of his 9 inches. He grabs the back of my head and leans up a bit to get the rest of his cock down my throat. I pull back a little and start licking those tasty white balls and soak them in my mouth. I know he likes to have his ass licked so I find my way to his glory hole and get started. Licking around his asshole while he moans and hums something. I lick inside and around while rubbing his 9 inches. Now he's ready to bend me over and give me a pounding from behind. I'm yelling and screaming in pure ecstasy hoping my roommate doesn't walk in and catch us. I hope she's really working late. I'm having the time of my life feeling his big thick cock slide in and out of my pussy. I'm soaking his balls with my pussy nectar and his moans let me know that he's enjoying the feeling of my warm dark pussy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playing with my sex toys on a call

I just had some fun playing with my pink dildo while talking to a another horny perve. He's loves to hear me moan while I stick my pink dildo in my pussy and ass while we phone bang. I like to stick it in and out as fast as I can and make my pussy squirt while we talk. He likes me to put the phone between my legs so he can hear my juices make loud nasty noises. I got so excited I almost dropped the phone a few times, but I stayed focused until we both came. That wasn't it. After he came he wanted to hear me suck my cum off my dildo. Being the naughty slut that I am, I sucked it clean and continued sucking until he was hard again and ready for round two. For round two I rubbed my clit up and down with my finger until I came again. I came so hard my sheets were soaked. By this time he was drained and ready to go to sleep. Imagine if he was really here with me. Wow what a blast.