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Friday, February 5, 2016

confessions of sissy boy in panties

What is it about men that like to wear panties and women's clothing? I guess it brings out their sissy boy feminine side. I've had so many phonesex callers throughout the years that love wearing panties under their business suits at work, and guys that love sleeping in lingerie. My last caller was Kinky Bill. He's a 45 year old business owner that loves going to work in women's panteis. Nobody knows this has been his secret for the past 7 years. Kinky Bill wears tailor made business suits to work and masculine business attire, but underneath he wears Victoria Secret panties and sexy lace boyshorts. Today, while he was at work he had to help a female worker move some heavy items out of her office. He and another worker began moving and lifting her items around while the female worker moved the smaller items. Kinky Bill had to move a big heavy box which meant he had to bend over and stoop a bit. As he was bent over the female worker let out a loud giggle. Kinky Bill immediately knew that she had seen his panties when he bent over. Now he's embarrassed and doesn't know what to do. Everybody is now looking at him funny and giggling whenever he walks by. Did this female worker tell the office about the panties or is it all in Kinky Bills imagination. Now Kinky Bill is thinking about firing this female worker. I told him to talk to her and confront her and find out what is really going on. If she is spreading rumors than fire her, but if not then, leave everything alone and continue to wear your panties.

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