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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another sissy boy stealing panties

My last caller was sissy boy Jones. He's a 55 year old pervert that cleans out the dorms on a college campus. He sneaks in the girl's room and steal and sniff their panties. This dirty old pervert goes through their dirty clothes hampers and jerk off with their used panties around his cock. He admitted that he he likes to clean the girl's dorm when they are away on the weekends so he has more time to jerk his old cock. He's so addicted to this that he now fears that he will get caught. I told him to be careful or he will get caught or one of the girls will instal a surveillance camera in their rooms and catch him. Sissy boy Jones said that the thought of getting caught turns him on even though he could lose his job. He's been cleaning out the college dorms for over 12 years. Although his parents left him property and money and he doesn't need the paycheck for cleaning out dorms, he cant resist the job. He has full access to their panties. New ones and used ones. He gets off on smelling them and taking their used panties home and then returning them the next day. What a fucking pervert.

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